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German Shepherd Dog Ring
German Shepherd Dog Ring
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Quality dogs for the informed owner.
There are NO kennel dogs at GUARDIAN ANGEL SHEPHERDS!  Each dog is a family member who lives
in our house with us.  Our dogs thrive on human contact and we will not sell them to homes as
"outdoor dogs".  Each dog has one or more companions in a "wild" setting.  No groomed grass, no
sculpted bushes.  I feel this is a "natural" setting and good for the dogs state of mind.  Go ahead!  
Dig all you want!  Pull up that bush by the roots!  Go for it!  (Of course this doesn't mean YOUR puppy
will do that!)  There are THREE generations of GUARDIAN ANGEL SHEPHERDS on site.  You will be
able to see the consistency of their size, look and most importantly, temperament!
As a breeder, my puppies are brought up in the best way possible.  I rear them using the
Service Dog Puppy Program, which molds them into the best possible dogs they can be.  I
spend literally hundreds of hours with the puppies, both individually and as a group, before
they go to their new families.  At 7 weeks the pups are subjected to a Puppy Aptitude Test, to
see where their talents lie.  Is Ms. Pink the perfect mascot for the New Doggy Spa?  How about
Mr. Brown for Search & Rescue?  Mr. Red for the Day Care Centre?   Miss Purple for the family
with six kids?   The answer is YES!

The love we put into our puppies, stays with them forever!
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Guardian Angel's Kahlua
German Shepherds the way they used to be!  
Strong, sound & courageous, not weak, over-angulated and shy!  
No North American lines only quality East German, Czech and Belgium.  
Vet checked
Microchipped with a lifetime recovery system
6 Weeks of FREE Puppy Health Insurance
Raised using the Service Dog Puppy Program
FREE Canadian Kennel Club Registration Papers
Puppy Aptitude Tested for that perfect match between dog & owner.
Two private lessons (Value $250) at  EHOC
A Life Time Help Line from not only a breeder but a professional trainer
24 Month Written Health Guarantee (see Extras)
FREE puppy food that goes home with your puppy
A 40 page book to get you & your puppy started on the road to success
Guardian Angel's Cruz 6 months
Guardian Angel's Liberty
Working for the Canadian
Forces (Navy)
Helo ride anyone!
Magnum @ 8 mos
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7 week old German Shepherd Puppies
Everybody ready?
And ah one, and ah two, and ah...

Proud to be raising K9 Partners for Life!

You will have a dog like you've never had before.  
This will be the dog, by which you judge all others.
Located near Olds, Alberta, Canada  
Want more pictures? Check out the
Guardian Angel Family Album
Guardian Angel's Diesel
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"Call of the Wild"
Guardian Angel's Isis
16 months
We don't breed dogs...  We raise partners!
Guardian Angel's Justice
All my dogs have straight, strong
backs & hips!  (Show posed with
legs back)
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No over-angulated show dogs!
Father & Son
Our number one clients are families!  It is my passion to match each puppy with the family it deserves.  We
also have dogs working in Search and Rescue, Therapy, Security, PTSD and Bomb Dogs.  Many police
officers come here for their family dogs!  They know a good dog when they see one!
Mystique - 16 days old
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Some of the Gang!
GUARDIAN ANGEL SHEPHERDS are not for everyone.  They are strong, courageous dogs.  They are
true working line dogs which means they come from the same type of lines as RCMP dogs, City
Police Dogs, and Search & Rescue dogs.  Please see my
Work Vs Show page for  more information
on the differences in the types of GSDs.

Most breeders of Show dogs will tell you that working line dogs are too aggressive for the average
pet owner.  Unfortunately they are talking about things they know nothing about.  
I do not breed for
 I breed for sound body conformation, (no over-angulation), sound minds, (steady in any
circumstance and good with children & other pets), and their great desire to be partners.    The
RCMP dog kennel started their own breeding program many years ago.  They breed FOR
aggression, as well as a sound body,  courage, etc. etc.  Most of the dogs that get washed out of the
program are lost because of lack of aggression.  So when somebody says working line dogs are too
aggressive, what are you going to think now!

My dogs will stand and protect, then play with your 3 year old.  Please be sure to go through the
whole website to decide whether a
GUARDIAN ANGEL SHEPHERD is the right dog for you.
Or call me @ 403 556 3635
Cruz - 10 months old
Guardian Angel's Justice
Guardian Angel's Diesel
Guardian Angel's Merlin
Are my dogs good with kids?"  You can judge for
yourself!  This beautiful baby seems to be getting
an extra good face wash today!  This is a Guardian
Angel Shepherd at its best!  Please see
Angels for more pictures!
Indy/Merlin Puppy
10 weeks old
Guardian Angel's Merlin
To find out why your next partner should come from Guardian Angel Shepherds,
click here to go to my Frequently Asked Questions page.
And don't forget to check out You Tube and type in "Mary Ann Marcellus" for videos!

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Can you guess?
Adult and trained dogs for sale
The differences between working Shepherds and show Shepherds
Angels with their new families
Where you can find my contract, questionnaire and some tributes
Black & Red GSD
100 lbs
80 lbs
Miss Pink
Mr Blue
Mr Green
Mr Red
Mr White
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Sept. 11 -  Prayers and thoughts to the victims and their families of this day 17
years ago.  We will never forget you.

I finally have some good news!  Nova came into heat a few weeks ago and she
was bred on September 8th.  If everything goes according to plan, that means -

Puppies will be due November 10th!!  

This litter has long since been sold but what this means is that when this litter is
safely on the ground, I will accept deposits on the following litter.  So all of you
who have been waiting for so long, keep an eye on the blog and get those
deposits in at that time!  

YAY!  Puppies are coming!

Click here to email me!
If you work for the Police, Firefighters,or Armed Forces, please let me know!  
There are PERKS for those who serve others!  Credentials required.
Please be patient with me as I don't always get to my messages everyday.  Email is probably the best as I can
answer those at 2:00AM!   I will return your phone calls but it might not be for a day or two. The dogs take an
enormous amount of time to care for properly and I try to fit in communications at the end of the day.   Thank you
for  your patience.  Both the dogs and I appreciate it!  And if you don't hear back, please feel free to bug me!
Nova/Rommel Pups 8 weeks old
Nova/Rommel Pups 4 weeks old
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