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Tazer is my wonderful new stud dog.  He is coming 2 years old
and turning into a fantastic boy!  He's definitley a lover, not a
fighter.  He gets along with all the dogs here.  With the
exception of Rommel but that's Rommel's decision, not his.  
Rommel is senior stud dog so he's not thrilled with any other
male dogs being around.  Nature tells him that's how things
should be.  

Tazer is a big goof who would rather sit on your lap than lay on
the couch beside you.  He's a lower energy working line
German Shepherd so he makes a great cross with my higher
energy females.  I will get a great variety of pups that should fill
everyone's needs whether they want high, low, or medium
energy dogs.  

He loves to give kisses if you'll allow it but knows that's by
invitation only.  But I've seen him protect my Jeep when I wasn't
there and I sure wouldn't put my hand in there if I was a thief!  

But he's a real sweetie if you know him.  Great colour
pigmentation, nice square top-line and good conformation.  He
still has some filling out to do but you can see he's going to be
just stunning.  Just like the rest of my Guardian Angels
Shepherds.  My puppy owners and I are stopped on the street
regularly asking where we got such beautiful dogs.  I'm proud to
say "From me!".
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